Biocera Atozero Happy Showerhead Plus

Biocera Atozero Happy Showerhead Plus enables us to have moisturized and healthy skin by preventing aging and by giving moisture effects. Biocera Atozero Happy Showerhead Plus is good for adults as well as babies, and especially for those who suffer from skin troubles, helping them maintain smooth, faultless skins. Not only that, Biocera Atozero Happy Showerhead Plus is good in preventing hair loss and damage. Again, Biocera Atozero Happy Showerhead Plus is an eco-friendly product that saves water and environment.

The Brand Story ‘Antioxidant Alkaline Biocera’  

The world first antioxidant hydrogen reduced alkaline ion water producing reduced Jug as a brand name of 'Antioxidant Alkaline Biocera' to overseas market by co-development with ...

Features and benefits

  • Showerhead filter softens the water and filters tap water.
  • Removes chlorine in tap water.
  • Removes rust and foreign substances in tap water.
  • Biocera Balls sterilize harmful bacteria in tap water.
  • Easy installation due to International standard size.

Configuration and features

  • Changes tap water into clean soft water by softening function of filters in the showerhead.
  • Removes chlorine in the water. 
  • Removes floating matter such as rust and foreign substance in tap water.
  • Sterilizes harmful bacteria.
  • International standard size.
  • Save water than other showerheads.
  • It is eco-friendly.

The Biocera Premium Atozero Showerhead is a dechlorinating shower head that uses bioceramic balls to remove chlorine and other contaminants from your shower water. Chlorine exists in the public water supply to destroy dangerous pathogens. However, while chlorine sterilizes our water, it also comes with some unwanted side effects. When we shower in chlorinated water, we absorb the chlorine through our skin and also through inhalation. Our skin is a wonderful filter, but certain particles are small enough to slip through, and an amount of chlorine will be absorbed into the body as we bathe. Our skin is constantly protecting us from environmental damage, which is bound to take its toll over the course of time. In this manner, our skin and hair will suffer the effects of chlorine exposure. Chlorine is known to dry out the skin and hair by stripping away the naturally occurring sebum that keeps our skin and hair supple. People with sensitive skin and allergies often find that chlorinated water makes their conditions worse. There is also a concern when bathing young children in chlorinated water. Most of us don’t think about the effects of the chlorine in our water, as it’s all we've ever known. When we are limit our exposure to chemicals when choosing toiletries, it makes sense to consider the water we use too. The showerhead is easy to fit, it simply screws on and is just as easy to remove. You could even take it away on holiday with you without it being an inconvenience.